SPOILER ALERT!!!!! This blog contains information about creating this blog.  It might contain info you never wanted to know.  It certainly contains little to no information about lost.  But it also includes some merch so you should check it out anyway.

The Stork is claiming joint custody.

As mentioned in the spoiler alert, all this is answering some questions people have asked either through Twitter or the comments.

Oh, and the video from the live reading.  Which was fun and super awesome.

And some merchandise.  Which is super lame to only have created now, but so it goes.

There’s also links to other stuff that has been going on.

I’m gonna level with you.  I need to take up space in this section for that picture to show up properly.  Thanks for your patience.

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Episode 17 of the Final Season of LOST

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Do I really need to say that?  The series is over.  There’s nothing left for us to spoil.  We already know all about the show and what it was about.  It’s crystal clear.  For those who hate math, Episode 17 is also the finale.  To be even more transparent, this is the last two and a half hours of LOST.  So it might be Episode 17, Episode 18, and a super short Episode 19.

That was fun, huh?  We got all of our questions answered all in this one episode.  Well, almost all of them.  Ok, the majority of them.  Some of them?  Cool.

Filing this away with the other 30 billion pages about LOST

I did not watch the series recap clip show.  I did DVR it though so I can watch it and get all caught up in two hours.  I enjoyed the finale.  The little flashback things to previous seasons made me want to watch them.   But it also made it seem like a completely different show from what this last season was.

I’ll be back the next time a series is going into the finale.  Send me an e-mail at neverseenlost [at] yahoo.com if you want to get a notification of whenever that is.  Or for the 1,000th time you can follow me on the Twitter (@jdurbin).

As a friend pointed out, this might be the first blog with a definitive end.  Good to be a part of history.  I will be back (hopefully Thursday) with a wrap up entry where I answer some questions and will read the comments for the first time since week 1.  I can’t even imagine what’s been going on down there.

For the live reading: Looks like The Shady Lady at 712 N. Clark St. on Thursday.  Reading will go from 6-7 so be sure to be there a little early.  Please also RSVP to fanclub[at]denuology.com if you have not already.  That way if plans change last second we can notify you.  Worst case scenario, I will be there hanging out and I can just read to you from the newspaper or draw you a picture.

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Episode 16 of the Final Season of LOST

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!  This blog goes into graphic detail on the theories and philosophies of the latest episode of LOST.  It also lies to you about what it is about in it’s first sentence after the spoiler alert.  Proceed at your own peril.

That is one clean house. The stack of papers is next week's entry.

I guess since there is only one more episode left we should do a little housekeeping.  The LOST finale post will be up either on Monday or Wednesday.  Depends if I try to keep continuity of Wednesday entries or next day entries.  As the intro to this blog says, don’t be haters.  Also, be prepared for an abhorrently long entry for the finale.  Two and a half hours is a lot of LOST to catalog.  In other news, there will be one more post after the finale.  If you guessed it would titled “Outroduction” then you are very smart and probably figured out LOST before it was even written.  I will be answering Q’s and junk.  Feel free to send some my way.  My contact info is in the about tab. One last thing, potentially going to do a live reading of the last post in Chicago the Thursday after the finale (May 27).  Don’t book your flights just yet, still working on some details.  I will update this paragraph if it gets figured out and I will make tweets about it too (@jdurbin).

[UPDATE: (cue Unsolved Mysteries music) We’re trying to figure out location.  Looks like it will be a bar on the northside of Chicago (not super north) May 27 around 6pm.  We’re trying to get a headcount so we know how much space we’ll need, so e-mail fanclub@denuology.com or contact me if you’re interested.  It’s not an RSVP, we’re just trying to make sure we have the right amount of space.  Since we’re looking into bars, it will be a 21+ affair.  That is all.]

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Episode 15 of the Final Season of LOST

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Loads of info in this episode of LOST.  So much so that I am completely caught up on the series (brushes dust off hands).  Excellent.

Something about those "18 or older" signs attract people in trenchcoats

To be fair, this might not have been an episode of LOST.  It seemed more like the Truman Show made love to Lord of the Flies, put on Step Brothers pants then took a Flinstones vitamin.  The only similarities are that it was on an island.  And Jacob was in it.  And Sad Day Monster showed up.  Which, in hindsight, seems like a fair amount of similarities.

If you’ve seen the episode then I don’t have to tell you that the title of the first half of this episode should have been “Innuendo” or “Double Entendre”.  If you haven’t seen the episode then might I direct you to the spoiler alert above.  You want to keep going?  Kudos.  Anyway, I think they switched writers/directors/key grips at around the midway point because they realized they were getting dangerously close to making the kind of show you have to go to the back of the video store to purchase.  I’m a little nervous reviewing this since I will probably make R rated jokes.

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Episode 14 of the Final Season of LOST

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!  There are all kinds of surprises in this episode of LOST.  And it is my intention to ruin them for someone.  So if you have not seen last night’s episode, keep reading.  We’re not talking about LOST at all (wink!).  By putting that wink at the end I absolve myself from any responsibility that I would have in someone reading this and being upset about its contents.

I call dibs on the motorcycle.

Big night, eh?  We’re making some great headway into the end of the series.  Which is exciting.

This has probably been one of the more eventful island adventures we have seen in a while.  More importantly, my theory that you could watch only the first 5 minutes and last 15 minutes of each episode is holding strong.  Which actually makes sense following a three act structure because you get introduced to what you need to know then you see the final conflict.  Everything in between leads up to that conflict. Story structure lessons, like survival tips, are free of charge.

The thing that does not make sense, however, are all these lucky run-ins in Snoozeville. Oh well. With that, let’s take a spin on the Coincidence Carousel. Continue reading


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! This blog post contains a bunch of information about this season of LOST.  At one point it was also going to contain spoilers about Saw V.  But that’s too important to run the risk.

Frankenstein's monster hates camping

This post has a terrible title, I know.  We’ll put it in the Mr. Cluck’s file.  There was no new episode this week so I have nothing to recap… Or do I…?  I took suggestions from folks via the Twitter (@jdurbin) on what to put in today’s post.  A lot had to do with watching/recapping other shows, but Saw V was on and seeing that movie is on my bucket list (check). I got some good suggestions but the ultimate winner is…

Recapping the season thus far and present some other tidbit theories.  I’m not going to get real detailed.  My goal is to provide a user guide for any other n00bs who want to catch up but don’t want to watch 13 hours of television in one weekend (new guy updating new people is so meta).  So really I am getting you caught up with me.  Which isn’t very caught up.  I’m also going to pepper in some other suggestions in small chunks.  I also am going to include a lot of pictures.  So basically I just Frankensteined a bunch of ideas into one monster that’s afraid of fire. Continue reading

Episode 13 of the Final Season of LOST

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! We’re here for one reason only.  To talk about the latest episode of LOST and the goings ons that transpired.  As you can imagine there will be a lot of filler since not a lot of goings ons transpired.  I also am going to throw out some random future thoughts which might actually spoil something, but I doubt it.

I am filing last week’s structure experiment as a success.  However, we’re going to tell one story at a time this week.  This episode is going to make more sense if we break them up instead of jumping back and forth (are you listening, Lost writers?). There is one point in this where you will see it does a disservice to one of the plot twists that I found completely ridiculous.  Shrug.

The different posters for this fall's ABC line up

It’s also clear this week that this is all a set up for the different spin offs ABC has planned for it’s fall line up.  Here is the list:

  • Miles and Sawyer star in a crime drama called “Not Without My Sawyer”.  Kate guest stars as a former crook turned informant. Alternate title: “A Miles in his Shoes”
  • Claire stars in a dramedy called “Up Over” (instead of Down Under) about a single Australia mom learning about life and love in Los Angeles. It’s a heartfelt comedy with heartfelt laughs.  Desmond plays the love interest.  Claire thinks they could never be more than friends.
  • Sun and Jin star in a female-scaling-the-corporate-ladder drama called “The Rising Sun”.  It’s about how Sun has to fight against stereotypes and tradition to be the breadwinner in her family and coping with Jin’s mixed support and jealousy.  Think Ally McBeal but not funny.  So just like Ally McBeal. Zing!
  • Linus and Locke star in a TV version of the movie “Stand By Me”.
  • Jack stars in the medical dromcom (patent pending) “Neuroses”.  He’s a single dad and successful surgeon.  He seemingly has it all.  Except love.  Kinda like Gray’s Anatomy ate the Deep End washed it down with some ER then had House for dessert.
  • Hurley goes on the Biggest Loser or Celebrity Fit Club.

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